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The car keys shown were to a 1972 Lincoln Mark IV that Elvis had driven for a period of 2 years. Elvis gave this car to Mr. Gilleland, who was his hair stylist for over twenty years preceding Elvis’ death on August 16, 1977.

During Mr. Gilleland’s employment as Elvis’ hair stylist, Elvis gave him as gifts, numerous items of clothing and personal property, which belonged to Elvis, including the above-mentioned car.

Along with the 2 keys are the Owner Card, Warranty Facts Booklet, Door Lock Button, Lincoln Continental Leather Key Ring and a Lincoln Continental Identification Metal Key Ring with identifying code printed on it. The code identifies Elvis as owner of these keys to a Lincoln Car Dealer, should they be lost and returned to a dealer. The dealer can then return them to the rightful owner.

I purchased this car from Mr. Gilleland in 1992 and several years later sold the car. I kept the original car keys, owners manual and other items mentioned above.

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I swear and affirm that the forgoing items are original and authentic and was given to Mr. Gilleland by Elvis Presley and acquired by me from Mr. Gilleland in April 1992; I am the sole and rightful owner of these items and they have been in my sole possession since April 1992.

Witness my hand this 18th. Day of February 2008
Thomas B. Morgan Jr.
$4500.00 or will trade on this item.



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This booklet contains copies of all documents required by the “Shelby County Sheriff’s Department” in order for Elvis to be commissioned a “SPECIAL DEPUTY” in his hometown of Memphis, TN. Elvis Presley was intrigued by law enforcement and had a desire to be more involved with the Shelby County Sheriff Department as a “Special Deputy”. As Adm. Assistant to Sheriff Barksdale, my duties and responsibilities included the administration of the “Special Deputy Program”. It was an honor for me to be involved in the commission of Elvis A. Presley as a Special Deputy.

Special deputies are commissioned by the Sheriff and have full police powers, including a written directive authorizing the individual to carry a weapon pursuant to the Tennessee Code Annotated 39-4902. Elvis had to successfully complete a suitable training period for the use of firearms and be knowledgeable regarding safety precautions related to the use of firearms before he could be commission.
This booklet contains copies of a written application; an affidavit of agreement, a request for training, a directive authorizing the carrying of a weapon, a surety bond, and the commission or oath of office signed by Elvis A. Presley. These documents are filled out in long hand by Elvis and contain personnel information relating to him.

It is my pleasure to share Elvis Presley’s Special Deputy Commission papers with you.Thomas B. Morgan Jr.

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To purchase the ELVIS PRESLEY “SPECIAL DEPUTY” Booklet please E-mail me at nct@aol.com The price is $12.99 plus $3.95 shipping and handling - money orders or certified check accepted.






Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum Revolver Serial No.688344

Elvis A. Presley purchased the pistol mention above Nov. 6, 1970 from Kerr's Sporting Goods in Beverly Hills, Calif. The pistol has leaf and scroll engraving outlined by sweeping borders of inlaid gold and silver with carved ivory handles and bearing the serial number 688344. Five images of animals including, a Bear, a Bobcat, a Moose, a Mountain Lion and a Puma are inlaid in gold. The ivory grips are carved with a Deer on one side and an Antelope on the other.

The artist of the Frederick Wilhelm Heym Company of Germany executed the engraving. The pistol comes with a custom-made leather zipper case with Elvis's name tooled on it. Also, the original Firearms investigation report and Registration Paper showing the Serial Number and signature of Elvis A. Presley from the Beverly Hills Police Department are part of the provenance with this pistol.



There are 4 photos of Elvis with the gun. There are numerous articles in several books regarding Elvis giving the pistol to Vice-President Spiro Agnew on December 01, 1970. The pistol has tremendous historical value due to the fact it was given as a gift to Vice-President Spiro Agnew. Vice-President Agnew returned the pistol to Elvis because he was under investigation for wrongful acts. The provenance is as good as it can get. The pistol was later given to the Sheriff of Shelby County, Sheriff Gene Barksdale. The value of this artifact is almost priceless.

Having pictures, signature on registration, and historical inferences to accompany this pistol makes it truly a one-of-a-kind piece. I swear and affirm that this pistol is original and authentic; that Elvis Presley gave it to Sheriff Barksdale in December 1976 and that Sheriff Barksdale gave it to me. That it has been in my sole possession since Sheriff Barksdale gave it to me and I am the sole and rightful owner of this pistol


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les lalande litho

The watch has a circular dial, bar chapters, day and date window, sweep second hand, within a yellow metal case, the bezel featuring the raised letter monogram ELVIS PRESLEY, completed by a yellow metal bracelet. Signed on dial Mathey Tissor. Designed for Elvis Presley by Harry Levitch Jewelers in Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis gave these watches to close friends and members of his entourage as gifts in 1971.

As well as giving them to friends, he gave one to all the recipients of the "Jaycees Most Outstanding Men Of The Year", as well as the press secretary and others participating in the awards banquet that year.

Elvis gave this watch to his "Uncle Earl Pritchett Jr." who was the head grounds keeper at Graceland. While visiting Graceland, I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming a friend of Earl's, a friendship I treasure to this day. In the fall of 1978 while visiting at Earl's home at Graceland, Earl offered to trade watches with me, my Bulova watch for his watch. Needless to say, the trade took place immediately. Later that day, I went home the proud, new owner of one of only 36 Elvis watches. This watch has been in my sole possession from that day in 1978 until today and I am the sole and rightful owner of this watch.

I swear and affirm that the forgoing watch is original and authentic and was given to me by Earl Pritchett Jr., during my tenure as Administrative Assistant to Sheriff Gene Barksdale.


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" Special Deputy Sheriff Badge # 3"

Shelby County Sheriff Roy Nixon issued this badge to Elvis Presley on Oct. 10, 1970 when he commissioned Elvis a "Special Deputy". This was the first badge and commission that extends full police powers to the holder. It also authorizes you to carry a weapon pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated 39-4902.

The badge is star shaped, gold in color, and has 6 points on it. There is a ribbon across the top of the badge and over the state seal inscribed with Special, on the bottom point of the badge is a tab with number 3 inscribed on it. This was a standard issues badge for "Special Deputies".

At a later date Elvis gave this badge to Charlie Hodges when he was issued a Chief Deputy Badge. In Oct. 1976, I issued Charlie a Lieutenant's Badge in return for his # 3 badge. He left my office happy with his new Lieutenant's Badge and I was happy with Elvis' old # 3 badge given to me later by Sheriff Barksdale.

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I swear and affirm that the forgoing item is original and authentic and was given to me by Sheriff Barksdale. This Badge has been in my sole poossession from that datein Oct. 1976 until today and I am the sole and rightful owner of this Badge.
Witness my hand this__________ day of __________ 2007.
________________________Thomas B. Morgan Jr.


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Bill Belew designed this beautiful light blue suede leather stage belt in the early 70’s. It maybe one of his first designed belts for Elvis. It is an ornate light blue suede leather adjustable belt approximately 4 inches wide and 40 inches in length with a very large silver buckle. There are 3 rows of six different designed silver medallions the full length of the belt, along with 2 rows of hanging silver chains. This belt is shown in the accompanying photo. It was worn with a light blue and silver 2-piece suit.

This belt was acquired by me from one of Elvis’ relatives in the early 1990’s and has been in my sole possession since that date.

I swear and affirm that this stage belt is original and authentic. That I am the sole and rightful owner of this beautiful stage belt that was worn by Elvis on stage numerous timesFURTHER AFFIANT SAYETH NOT.

Witness my hand this _______ day of ____________, 2007 ________________________________
Thomas B. Morgan Jr.


This original sales contract for the purchase of Graceland is dated March 17th, 1957. Ms. Viriginia Grant of the Viriginia Grant Realty Company wrote it. Elvis, Vernon and Mrs. Presley signed the contract on Monday March 19th, 1957 after inspecting the home. The first offer for the property was $90,000, which included the trade of their home at 1034 Audubon Drive valued at $55,000. During the course of the next 10 days numerous offers were made on the property. On March 21, 1957, the offer was raised to $102,500 and Ruth Brown Moore accepted Elvis’ offer. The closing date was March 26th, 1957. Elvis had purchased Graceland for his beloved mother. When Elvis purchased Graceland it was located in Whitehaven, on the rural outskirts of Memphis. The original owner, F.E. Toot, named it after his daughter Grace.

This historic southern mansion was part of a farm dating back to the Civil War. It has become the pilgrimage site to adoring fans, and is the icon of the Elvis phenomenon. Today Graceland is listed on the National Historical Registry as one of the most visited homes in America.

The value of this artifact is almost priceless. This being the first contract written on Graceland and being signed by Elvis, Vernon and Mrs. Presley and the historical inferences to it makes it a one-of-a-kind piece.

I swear and affirm that this contract document is original and authentic. That I am the sole and rightful owner of this contract and it has been in my sole possession since May 25th, 1995.


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